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$1,000,000 extra protection for your family and assets for less than $1 per day

Protecting your family and assets is a top priority. Is your primary Insurance enough to completely cover you if you were sued for a large liability loss? $1 million award settlements are quite common these days.

A personal umbrella policy is designed to offer additional liability coverage, including defense costs over your underlying policy limits.

A typical $1,000,000 umbrella policy for two adult drivers with home insurance averages $250 a year (less than $.70 a day) … one of the best insurance values available.

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Most common Denver Umbrella Insurance questions from our clients

What are the most common umbrella claims?

Defense cost, teen drivers, intoxicated party attendee, dog bites, homeowners liability, false arrest, slander, and malicious prosecution.

What does a personal umbrella insurance policy cover?

A personal umbrella policy is meant to help protect you from large and potentially devastating liability claims or judgments. Personal umbrella coverage kicks in when your underlying policy limits have been exhausted.

Should I have a personal umbrella policy?

Everyone should carry enough liability coverage to cover their assets. Those at higher risk, such as families with teen drivers should purchase this inexpensive coverage.

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