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Colorado habitational market is in a constant state of change.

The frequent hailstorms that have hit the Colorado Front Range over the past several years have wreaked havoc on the insurance industry. Many insurance companies have discontinued insuring habitational risks while others have added large wind/hail deductibles to their policies and have substantially increased property insurance premiums. One company now mandates a 10% wind/hail deductible, which makes the 5% offered by one of the largest carriers seem like a bargain.

Mountain Insurance understands the complex need of Apartment owners and Associations. We are committed to structuring the best habitational insurance policies by utilizing our multiple insurance company partners.

We insure all habitational risks including hard to place risks such as:

  • Older buildings, even over 100 years old and with Historical designations
  • Buildings with Aluminum wiring
  • Short term rentals
  • Section 8 Housing
  • Prior claim history, including wind/hail claims

Contact a Mountain Insurance habitational insurance advisor to complete a risk analysis and create the best insurance program for you.

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We insure ALL habitational risks

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Most common Denver Habitational insurance questions from our clients

Besides hail, what other exposures are the insurance companies becoming more concerned with?

Insurance companies are increasingly more concerned with barbecue grills on decks. Both charcoal and gas grills are a huge exposure in multi-family structures. Many companies will flat out decline if grills are allowed on decks.

Is there some way to offset the large Wind/Hail deductibles?

Most, if not all, companies offering habitational insurance in Colorado include a separate wind/hail deductible. Travelers have a mandatory 5% Wind/Hail deductible. For a $2,000,000 building, that is a $100,000 deductible! We are seeing more companies offer Wind/Hail Buy-Back  policies that essentially cover the large deductible on your primary

Do you recommend a Condo Association carry Directors and Officers Liability Insurance?

YES. What may seem like a great chance to look out for the community has the potential for great personal risk. Board members frequently see individuals acting on behalf of their association and their residents, and they have a wide range of responsibilities that expands their exposures.

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