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What is the average cost of homeowners insurance in Colorado?

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The cost of insuring a home continues to rise, and according to many studies, home insurance rates are up almost 50% in the last 10 years because of the various things that need to be protected against. It is easier to understand if you can look at a variety of different prices within the United States.

Most Expensive States for Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is an average of $1,445 throughout the United States, but there is a range when it comes to where you live. These prices range from $598 annually to $2,559 annually as the most expensive rate. Colorado is an average of $1,813 per year, which is a bit over the average price.

For example, Oklahoma has an average insurance cost of $2,559 because of the natural disasters that occur there. Montana is more in the mid-range at $1,939, and California right above Colorado at $1,826. These are all considered the most expensive in the country.

Why Do Some State Pay More Than Others

These ranges are due to the insurance risks for each state, as well as home much coverage is needed, and other factors as well. Your rates may differ based on your own individual factors. Some states have higher costs because of tornados, or earthquakes. They can also have higher premiums simply due to the cost of living.

Least Expensive States for Homeowners Insurance

The cheapest states for home insurance are Delaware, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire. That is because these states do not have major disasters such as hurricanes, and often also have lower home values.

For example, Delaware is only $598 annually as an average for home insurance. Additionally, New Hampshire is $773 annually, and Pennsylvania is $640. The average cost is 54% less than the typical price nationwide.

What Homeowners Insurance Covers

If you want to lower your rates, then you should contact Denver Insurance Agency. This will provide you information on four standard coverages, or anything extra as well.


This type of coverage pays for the cost of repairs or replacement of your home if it is damaged. This might include repairs to the roof, walls, floor, and appliances that are built-in. It may also include garages, sheds, and other structures.

Personal Property

This coverage protects the contents of your home from damage. Typically this will include covering the furniture, clothing, electronics, or jewelry. If you are robbed, this would be the coverage.


When it comes to legal liability for property damage or bodily injury to others, you may want to have liability coverage. This will cover legal expenses for reasons such as your dog biting someone, if a tree falls from your property, or if you happen to break your neighbor’s window.

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