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The Best Ways To Insure Your Recreational Toys

As summer approaches, many people are moving outdoors. This includes using ATVs, boats, RVs, golf carts, and more. All these vehicles need insurance to protect you against damage and liability. It is important to have the right insurance for your recreational vehicles. Most of these are not automatically covered under your home or auto policies.

If you don’t want to insure physical damage on your recreational vehicles, that is an option, but you still need liability insurance. If you have loans on these vehicles, you may be required to insure them.

RV Insurance

RV insurance rates differ from company to company, so it pays to have us shop for your insurance. Some markets offer better rates for trucks, RVs, and campers, while others can offer better rates for motorcycles. To properly insure your RV, you may need liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured motorist, medical payment, and towing coverage.

Boat/Watercraft Insurance

It would help if you considered watercraft/boat insurance for liability and damage to the hull and personal property. Boat insurance can include physical damage coverage, medical payments, liability, and trailer coverage.

ATV and Golf Cart Insurance

A standard auto insurance policy doesn’t cover ATVs. Even if you are not required to carry physical damage insurance on your ATV, it is still important to protect yourself from liability claims if you injure a third party.


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