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Steps to make a home insurance claim

Evaluate your precious possessions

If someone intrudes your home, you should immediately check whether anything is missing. You must assess the value of expensive items e.g. jewelry, equipments and cash which are regarded as common objects that the thieves aim at.

You mustn’t forget to check all the rooms, backyard, frontyard and other places wherein you may come across a missing item or two. Make a list of all those items that seem missing. Get your list checked by the other members of your family.

Complaint forms should be filled out

You need to visit the office of your carrier and file out the complaint forms. Now-a-days, you may get enrolled with a number of online services. Once you do so, all you have to do is to fill out the online application forms.

These forms will also require you to name all items that are either damaged or missing. Some of these forms will require you to specify the date of purchase, brand, price and other things.

Proof of your claim

Once your request is submitted, the carrier will send in claim inspectors to evaluate the true worth of the damage or the missing item. Receipts describing the items, photos or even video clippings could be useful to support your claim. Your claim might be denied by your insurance company if you’re not being able to show a valid proof of your loss.

While assessing a damage, your carrier might ask you to submit statements from each of your family members.

Evaluation by your carrier

It’s natural for all insurance carriers to process the claim submission forms along with the documents that are being attached in support of the claims. It might take a few weeks or even more for them to process these documents one by one. These days, all insurance carriers would resort to modern evaluation methods that make it more and more stringent. This one proves to be a long process which aims in keeping insurance frauds at bay.

Once your insurance carrier approves your claims, they will call you up. Your insurance paperwork will soon be reaching your doorstep.

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