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Spring Means You may Need Denver Flood Insurance


Denver Flood Insurance

We have all experienced record low temperatures and high snow fall this year, and we certainly hope spring comes soon. However, warmer weather will cause the snow to melt which can cause flooding.  There is no question we will be hit hard with flooding in the next few months. Now is the time to start thinking about Denver flood insurance. According to the Weather.gov website, three factors can contribute to major flooding:

  1. Solid ground freeze
  2. A significant and growing snow pack
  3. Sudden warming
  4. High rain fall

Here are some good reminders:

  • Most Denver flood policies have a mandatory 30-day waiting period which puts us at the beginning of April. This affects personal homes and commercial clients.
  • Flood insurance is not included under most home and business policies.
  • Water run off can be considered flooding.
  • Do you think you don’t need flood insurance because you don’t live along a river or stream? You might want to think again. Nobody is risk-free when it comes to flooding. In fact, 25% of all flood insurance claims occur in areas considered to be at “lower risk” for floods.
  • The average cost of property damage caused by a flood is $34,000, and it can take less than 1 foot of water to cause it.
  • Floods aren’t only caused by rising rivers or lakes. Flooding is also caused by levee or dam failures, or intentional releases, clogged storm drains, broken water mains, and even collapsed swimming pools!
  • Homeowners in “lower risk” areas can secure flood insurance for a very low cost.

At DCInsurers – Mountain, we know the importance of protecting yourself—and your loved ones—from the costly threat of flooding, especially when that threat is unexpected.  Since many homeowners’ policies do not cover the damages that are associated with flooding, we are dedicated to providing you with only the highest quality of Denver flood insurance.

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