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If your business provides advice or Professional services for a fee you must have Professional Liability Insurance

You try to run your business perfectly, but sometimes mistakes happen. If they do, they can be very costly for your business. That’s why Professional Liability or Errors & Omissions Insurance is a must for any business that gives advice or provides professional services for a fee.

Lawsuits against professionals are becoming more common. Defense costs alone can quickly erode your bottom line. Your organization can experience a significant financial setback if not adequately covered. The list of professional services providers who need Professional Liability is continually growing. Consultants, accountants, and attorneys obviously need this coverage. However, this coverage is now recommended for Artisan Contractors, Graphic Designers, and Bridal Shops.

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What is the Difference Between Professional Liability and Errors and Omissions?

Professional Liability refers to the general legal responsibility of a professional or service provider to compensate their client for a mistake. Errors and omissions are the types of mistakes that count in this situation.

I have General LiabilityInsurance, won’t that cover me for Errors and Omissions?

The standard ISO Commercial General Liability (CGL) form excludes Professional Liability claims, as do various individual company proprietary forms. In many cases, Professional Liability can be endorsed on a CGL policy.

I am a consultant and the contract I am working under only requires CGL insurance. Do I need Professional Liability?

Upon review of our clients’ contracts, we are surprised to see the company they are contracting with only requires a Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy. A CGL policy may satisfy your clients’ requirements but offers very little coverage to you and no coverage for what you are at most risk for.

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