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Make Sure You Find the Best Car Insurance Agency

The Situation

You’re on your way to work and the person behind you was in too big of a hurry to scrape the ice off their window and they rear-end you. You were focused on the road and doing everything you were supposed to, but now you’re caught in a fender bender.

Although they weren’t going very fast, you have a strong feeling that your back bumper is no longer attached to your car. Suddenly you start realizing that not only will this make you late for work, but your 3 year-old daughter is now screaming because of the big bang… On top of all that, you just got the car repainted, and your plus one is not going to be happy, and all of a sudden you have a shooting pain in your right shoulder. So what do you do now?

First Steps

One of the first things you should do after you calm down your child, is contact your insurance agency.  And hopefully (fingers crossed) they’ll walk you through the next steps. Although this is what they’re supposed to do, this is not always the case and is the main reason why you have to make sure you find the best car insurance agency to purchase your policy from.

The role of an auto insurance company involves more than just paying out damage claims. They are also supposed to provide you with a helping hand in your time of need. The last thing you need right after a car accident is to phone your car insurance company right away just to be put on hold, or worse yet be transferred to various people, all of whom don’t pick up the phone.

The Difference

Some other things, the best insurance companies do besides paying out damage claims, are:

•  Tow truck and rental car assistance

•  Assistance with medical bills and/or out of pocket expenses

•  Get your vehicle fixed quickly and properly

After an accident, you want to have roadside assistance as soon as possible, if you’re injured you want to make sure you get help with your medical bills or prescriptions and out of pocket expenses (particularly if you have to miss work); and, you need your vehicle fixed quickly and properly. As well, you don’t want to have to cut through a bunch of red tape to get these services. All vehicle insurance companies are not equal. There are some that just gladly take your money, and have poor to non-existent customer service.

Mountain Insurance was named Denver’s #1 independent insurance brokerage firm, because we deal only with the most reputable insurance companies. Our goal is to make sure you find the best car insurance to meet your needs, and your budget. To get an easy quote go to our website and fill out the short questionnaire.

We’ll make sure you find the best car insurance policy.  We are Denver’s premier independent insurance brokers, so we deal with various different auto insurance companies and we can give you the best options for your situation.

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