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Life Insurance Provides More Than Just Insurance

Life insurance is more than just a death benefit, there are numerous living benefits attached to life insurance which are available before the funeral procession ensues. We have found three common pre-retirement benefits of life insurance that can be of value to your clients.

  • College Expenses
  • Supplemental Retirement Income
  • Long Term Care Expenses

A properly designed Indexed Universal Life (IUL) can help you win more cases by providing customers with options they can use while living. Simply put, IUL’s can provide clients with access, growth and protection at any age.

Remember with this kind of product you get.

ACCESS: Liquidity window for access to tax free cash withdrawals.

GROWTH: Non Reportable Tax Free retirement savings linked to well-known indices like the S&P 500. Clients can’t lose money when the market goes down.

PROTECTION: Flexible death benefit provisions that policy owners can utilize for income, health care costs and ongoing care through the chronic illness rider

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