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Why Life Insurance Is Good For Your Denver Business

Denver Life Insurance

Most Denver businesses will spend time planning for 2015, and now is the time to review your businesses owners’ life insurance. Life insurance can play an important role in the long term health of your business. One needs to plan for the future to ensure success continues in the event of a death. Business Life Insurance is a vehicle to afford this success.

Life Insurance Is Important

Life insurance can be important to your business in a least three ways:

  1. In the event of the death of an owner, life insurance can provide funds to the estate under any buy/sell agreement.
  2. In the event of the deaths of other key people, life insurance can provide funds to replace staff. For example, if your top sales person passes, you will need to find a replacement, and that might cost the business upfront expenses.
  3. The death benefit can be used to help replace lost revenue, or to pay costs associated with keeping the doors open including rent, utilities, lease payments, and payroll. It may also help the surviving owners avoid borrowing money or selling assets.

If a business owner has family members who depend on the income from a business, which might not continue if he or she were suddenly gone, the proceeds from company-owned life insurance could help replace the lost income and help protect the family’s quality of life while they adjust and move on.

Life insurance rates are very competitive, and if it has been some time since your last review, now is a good time for you to call our office.

Speak to a Colorado insurance agent at DCInsurers – Mountain to learn more and for choosing the right Business Life Insurance Policy that meets your business needs in Denver, CO. For Immediate service contact us at 720-974-1702 or fill out the business life insurance quote for Colorado owners here.

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