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Keep Your Home and Person Safe This Holiday

Black Friday is over and that means we are in the middle of the Holiday Season. During the next 30 days, we will all be busy shopping, eating out and traveling. It is important to make sure all your new gifts and purchases are properly insured. This is especially important if you have purchased jewelry, guns or artwork. Call Mountain Insurance Brokers today to make sure you are properly covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. A quick call to us will make sure you are properly covered under your Denver home insurance.

Please keep these safety tips in mind, so that you can enjoy the season without incident:

Shopping Safety Tips

  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Store your shopping bags in your trunk.
  • NEVER leave car doors unlocked or windows open.
  • ALWAYS park in lighted areas. Do NOT park in remote areas.
  • Shop with a friend.
  • Keep receipts in your wallet or purse.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
  • As you return to your car, be sure to keep your car keys in your hand.
  • If you make expensive purchases like jewelry or guns, call our office as we may need to add these to your policy.

Christmas Tree Safety (provided by the NFPA)

  • Keep the tree at least four feet away from any heat source, like fireplaces, radiators, candles, heat vents or lights.
  • Be sure the tree is not blocking any exit or door.
  • Add water to the tree daily.
  • Never use lit candles to decorate the tree.
  • Only use approved, certified tree lights.
  • Connect no more than three strands of mini string sets together.
  • Replace any string of lights that have worn or broken cords or loose bulb connections.

Home Safety Tips

If you are planning to vacation during the Holidays, here are few ideas to consider:

  • Install a security system.
  • Trim landscaping that is too close to your house.
  • Don’t advertise your vacation on social media.
  • Cancel mail and other deliveries.
  • Leave lights on when gone.
  • Have a neighbor check on your home.
  • Always lock your garden shed and garage.
  • Use a variable light timer to activate lights inside your home.
  • Lock all doors and windows.
  • If you will be away from home for an extended period, arrange for your lawn to be mowed.
  • Have adequate exterior lighting.

Happy Holiday!

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