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How to Select a Colorado Contractor

Over the past few months the State of Colorado has experienced a number of weather related events. This summer, we saw wildfires destroy homes and now we are dealing with record flooding. Recent news headlines include, “Colorado flooding: Residents return, but some find no home”.  Runoff from last week’s floods along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains is now rushing down the South Platte, which runs from south of Denver into Nebraska. The National Weather Service warned that counties in Nebraska would start to see the river overflow its banks by Wednesday. Home owners insurance companies will be very busy settling claims.

At best, you may have a small amount of water damage, and at worst, you may have lost your home. Thousands of people will be involved in the process of determining damage and starting repairs. This process includes the selection of contractors. When choosing a contractor to head up your remodel, these simple steps can mean the difference between complete confidence or sleepless nights. Here are some reminders to consider when selecting your contractor for your home repair.

  • Ask trusted friends, neighbors, and relatives for referrals.
  • Interview more than one contractor.  Meeting with each contractor will give you a feel for them and how you might work together.
  • Make sure financial terms are understood and spelled out in the contract. The total price, payment schedule, and any cancellation penalty should be clear.
  • Make sure the contractor’s insurance coverage meets all the minimum requirements. If your home is worth $500,000, make sure the contractor has at least that much coverage. Ask for a certificate of insurance.
  • If you solicit bids from several different contractors, be sure they are bidding on the same scope and quality of work.
  • Any contractor working on mold remediation and/or working on homes built prior to 1970 should be covered for pollution liability.
  • Check with the government Consumer Affairs Office and the Better Business Bureau to ensure there is no adverse file on record for the contractor.
  • A contract should include details about what the contractor will and will not do.
  • There should be a warranty included.
  • Visit contractor’s previous work.
  • Consider only contractors associated with national associations that provide education and professional codes of conduct.

Remodeling and damage repair can be stressful, but you can eliminate some stress by doing more due diligence upfront and choose the right contractor. Mouintain Insurance brokers can help you through the process, please call us today.


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