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How To Drive In Rain And Other Winter Weather


An Auto Insurance Update

Winter can be a very dangerous time of the year.  If you plan to travel during the winter, it pays to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Driving, including having #carSupplies”>Winter Car Supplies

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Winter Driving Safety Tips

  • Keep your tank full of gas.
  • When driving on snow, accelerate slowly which helps you to gain traction and avoid skids. Brake slowly as well.
  • Reduce your speed and drive smoothly. In slippery conditions, tires lose their grip more easily, affecting all aspects of your driving.
  • Do not get overconfident in your 4×4 vehicle. Remember, if you are driving a four-wheel drive vehicle, the vehicle may help you get going quicker, but it will not help you stop any quicker.
  • Keep a safety kit in your vehicle, including a blanket, boots, gloves, hat, flashlight, water, and a shovel.
  • Do not use cruise control when driving on wet, icy, sandy, or otherwise slippery road conditions.
  • Steer your car into the skid. If your vehicle loses traction and begins to skid…steer the front tires into the direction of the skid.
  • Even with a fully-winterized vehicle, staying alert and traveling at safe speeds are essential to driving safely in winter weather.
  • It’s important to use your headlights in the daytime, not so much so that you can see, but so that other cars can see you.
  • Check tires, make sure they are fully inflated.
  • A blocked exhaust may cause carbon monoxide gas to leak into your vehicle’s interior while the engine is running.


Remember, weather conditions can change quickly, so plan extra time to get where you are going.  Don’t ever assume your time on the road will be uneventful. You could get stuck in snow or in traffic for extended periods.

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