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How Much Auto Insurance Do I really Need?

Your auto insurance needs to be based on your individual family needs. Some people may need more coverage if they have teen drivers or have a high net worth. Whether it is a simple liability or full coverage, we have the solutions.

Coverage you should have on all vehicles.

  1. Liability coverage pays to repair the other driver’s car if you caused the accident. It also pays the other driver’s and his or her passenger’s medical bills and some other expenses. Check for state minimums, we always recommend more.
  2. Collision coverage pays to repair or replace your car after an accident.
  3. Comprehensive (other than collision) coverage pays if your car is stolen or damaged by fire, flood, vandalism or something other than a collision.
  4. Medical payments coverage pays your and your passengers’ medical bills. It also pays if you’re hurt while riding in someone else’s car or while walking or biking.
  5. Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage is similar to medical payments coverage. It pays your and your passengers’ medical bills. But it also pays for things like lost wages and other nonmedical costs. All auto policies in Texas include PIP coverage. If you don’t want it, you must tell the company in writing.
  6. Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage pays if you’re hit by someone who didn’t have insurance or didn’t have enough to pay your medical and car repair bills. It also pays if you’re in a hit-and-run accident. Insurance companies must offer you this coverage. If you don’t want it, you must tell the company in writing.
  7. Towing and labor coverage pays to tow your car if it can’t be driven. It also pays for labor to change a flat tire or jump-start your battery.
  8. Rental reimbursement coverage pays for you to rent a car if yours is stolen or being repaired after an accident. Some policies also pay for taxis or ride-hailing services.

Consider these when buying auto insurance

  • If you are making payments the lender will often require full comprehensive and collision coverage.
  • They type of car you buy will help determine the premium. A Corvette costs more to insure than a Honda.
  • You should increase the deductibles if you own an older car. The higher the deductible, the more premiums savings you will see.
  • Take your environment into consideration when choosing your level of protection. Living in areas with high auto theft and vandalism rates makes having comprehensive coverage more of a necessity than if you reside in Small-town, USA.
  • Drivers who make long daily commutes on dangerous, busy stretches of road may also want to increase insurance coverage to protect against possible collisions.
  • If you use your vehicle for some business use, (i.e.sales) make sure the insurer knows this.
  • Look for a plan that protects you and still fits within your budget. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing expensive auto insurance that doesn’t offer enough protection.

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