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Five Reasons to Use Independent Agents Vs. Captive Agents

There are a variety of different types of insurance for people to purchase personally and professionally. However, many people do not consider going to an independent insurance broker in Denver to find the insurance they need. Here are five reasons why visiting an independent insurance agent is better than using a captive agent.

Independent Agents Do Not Need to Be Loyal to One Insurance Company.

A captive agent is an insurance agent who only works for one company. When you visit regular Insurance Company A the captive insurance agent there can only tell you about the insurance rates of Company A. An independent insurance agent, however, does not work for one company. They can shop around at the other insurance agencies in Denver to find you the best possible quote for the coverage you need.

Independent Agents Can Give You The Best Rates Possible

Captive insurance agents can only quote you the insurance rates from the company they work for. Maybe the $300 per month automobile insurance they have quoted you is perfectly fair, but it could also be completely outrageous. You will never know if there could be a better price when you talk to Denver captive insurance agents because they are limited to the information they can give you.

Independent Agents Can Give You More Choice

As mentioned before a captive agent can only provide you with information about their insurance company, which is not only a disadvantage as far as cost, but is also a disadvantage when it comes to choice. Maybe there is another insurance company in Denver that costs more in the policy but has more coverage within the policy. An independent insurance agent in Denver can shop around to find the insurance that is not only the best in price but is also the best in choice and overall coverage.

Independent Agents Can Provide You With A Variety of Insurance Coverage

Some insurance companies only sell certain types of insurance. You might need to go to one insurance company for your personal insurance, another for your business insurance, and so on.  An independent insurance agent can find information and rates from a variety of insurance agencies. You have more choice not only in the price and coverage of the insurance, but you also have choice in the types of policies that you can purchase.  If you are looking to have all your policies with one provider, an independent insurance agent can make that happen.

Independent Agents Can Save You Time

Life is busy and you should not need to spend hours phoning, emailing, and visiting every insurance company in the state to try to find the best coverage for your needs. It is the profession of the independent insurance agent to shop around at different insurance companies in Denver to find the best rate, price and coverage for the insurance you need. Independent insurance agents work with multiple providers to save you time and money.

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