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Do Business Owners Care About Insurance?

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A Commercial Insurance Update

Let us face the truth; most business owners do not have a fondness for insurance— until they need it.  Business owners have many priorities, and business insurance sometimes takes a backseat to other concerns.  One reason for business owner’s lack of enthusiasm may be how many agents sell insurance.  Most people see insurance as a commodity, meaning the lowest price gets the business.  Business owners dislike going through a review or bid process, mostly because it can be confusing to try to understand the coverage.

We can offer a different approach.  Rather than just focusing on coverage and price, we try to focus on understanding what your business needs and risks are.  Only after we determine what a client’s needs are, do we talk about what kind of insurance might be best for their individual needs.

We also educate our clients about how to lower their insurance costs.  These recommendations may include:

  • Review deductibles
  • Compare the need for different limits
  • Consider eliminating coverage’s that are unnecessary
  • Compare your actual risks to your coverage, do they match?
  • Are there non-insurance options?

Our experienced and professional independent insurance agents are located throughout Denver and across Colorado, bringing your insurance needs closer to where you need them. At Mountain Insurance, we know how challenging the insurance selection process can be, which is why our brokers take the time to listen to you and hear what is important to you.

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