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Denver Insurance Agencies can Help Cover All Aspects of Life

No two people are the same.  This is a fact, so why would anyone think one insurance policy could cover all the different assets, risks and variables of multiple people in the same way?  Here at Mountain Insurance, we know that selecting insurance should be as variable as you are, so let one of our experienced Denver insurance agents help you select the coverage options you’ll need to keep all of your assets safe.

What kinds of insurance do we offer?

We have the policies to keep you covered no matter what, whether you need personal insurance coverage or business insurance coverage.


Personal insurance

Life insurance policies can work like a long term investment strategy.  In some cases, a life insurance will help pay for medical expenses and funeral expenses, but they largely form a way to keep your loved ones financially covered in the case of your death.

Health insurance is always a good idea; however, depending on your family status as well as your family health history, you may need more or less coverage.  There are many different options you can opt for, but in the very least, health insurance can keep you covered for medication costs, hospital stays and ambulance transportation.

Homeowners or renters insurance.  No matter where you live—house, apartment, condo, rental property—there is a form of insurance available that can keep you and your assets covered in the case of disaster.

Flood insurance.  Did you know that many property insurance policies don’t cover flood damage?  Depending on where you live, this may be an issue.  If you live in an area that is susceptible to flooding, you’re going to want to have coverage.  If you’re unsure about your level of risk, one of our Denver insurance agents can help you choose the policy that is best for your location.

Auto insurance, as well as motorcycle insurance, recreational vehicle insurance, snowmobile insurance, watercraft insurance and ATV insurance are available to keep you covered for liability and damage no matter what your vehicle of choice.

Business insurance

Key Man insurance.  If your business depends on a key member or partner to function, the key man insurance can provide necessary cash flow in case that person becomes unable to keep working or contributing to the business.

Workers compensation insurance is required by law for most business owners and can protect your employees in case of work-related injury, illness, or disease.

Commercial auto insurance. Since there were 10.8 million automobile accidents in 2009 in the US, keeping your commercial vehicles—and drivers—covered is crucial.  Also, commercial auto insurance can protect your business’s reputation from suffering from liability claims if one of your drivers cause an accident.

Liability insurance is one of the most important types of insurance for any business.  Most businesses should have general liability coverage, but extra liability coverage is also available, including environmental and pollution liability insurance, professional liability insurance, excess liability insurance, and errors and omissions liability insurance. A Denver insurance agency can help you determine which form of liability coverage your business would benefit from most.

Choosing the right insurance can be complicated, but here at Mountain Insurance, we know it doesn’t need to be. Our insurance agents are dedicated to helping you find the insurance policy that will keep you protected—no matter the risk.

For more information about our range of policies, or to talk to one of our insurance agents, contact Mountain Insurance today.

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