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Choosing a Denver Insurance Broker Over an Insurance Agent

Remember that old Sesame Street segment “One of these things is not like the others”? It showed a set of objects that were similar to each other and had viewers choose which one didn’t fit. It taught the children that although two or more things may be similar, they are not necessarily the same thing. That same concept can be applied to the difference between a Denver insurance broker and insurance agent.

On the surface, both provide the same type of product: insurance. People going to either will be offered a variety of products that may or may not meet their needs. But that is where the similarity between a Denver insurance broker and insurance agent ends.

In Denver, it is easy to find both insurance brokers and agents, but if you want to get the best service and price it helps to know what to expect.  An insurance broker is an independent insurance professional who can offer insurance products from a wide variety of companies. An insurance agent works directly for a specific insurance company and can only offer their products. A Denver insurance broker works for his or her clients to find the right products to suit their needs and budget and can often negotiate on their behalf with insurance companies. Here at Mountain insurance Brokers, for example, there are over twenty companies that we can choose from for home, auto, life and health insurance for our clients. An agent, on the other hand, often has specific quotas to meet and may pressure clients to purchase insurance products they neither want nor need in order to get bonuses or other incentives. An insurance broker has no such incentives and while they may be part of an independent insurance agency like ours, a broker will never pressure a client into choosing the wrong product.

Another reason to choose a Denver insurance broker is quality of service. Like many industries, insurance is highly competitive and brokers rely on repeat business and word of mouth to generate sales. Because of this they do their best to learn as much about the clients they represent as the products they sell. Both go hand in hand and the best brokers recognize the importance of acting in their client’s best interest and only that. Clients recognize great service and reward that with new business referrals. And the opposite is true as well; a broker that does not meet his or her client’s needs will see his or her business go down dramatically, as that angry customer spreads word.

Whether it is home or auto, life or health insurance, choosing a Denver insurance broker is your best option for choice, price, and peace of mind. With no worries about meeting quotas or upselling unnecessary products, a broker can focus on his or her client’s needs, and that alone.  And while both insurance brokers and insurance agents may seem similar at first glance, after a while it is easy to see that one of these things is truly not like the other. Contact us and see the difference independence makes.

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