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I bought a brand new Blackberry, had finally gotten over the learning curve of how to use it and had it fully loaded. A mere three weeks after my purchase, the phone fell in my laundry basket. I loaded up the washer and set it on permanent press. A moment later, I realized what had happened and watched helplessly as my phone, in its bright pink case, went through the entire wash cycle. Yep, you cannot stop my washing machine until it goes through the final spin. I was not surprised that my phone did NOT survive the washing process.
I went to Verizon, explained my story which I am sure they have heard over and over again, and was told it would cost me 5.00 to get a new phone. I was certain I had not bought the insurance on my phone, skeptic that I am. The Verizon representative said, “let me just check to make sure” and miracle of miracles, I had purchased the coverage and had paid my .25 monthly fee. What a relief. The lady at Verizon handed me the claim booklet that included the Cell Phone Insurance Policy. I made a claim online and received my new phone in two days, over-nighted by Verizon. What service!
My guess is you have never read a cell phone policy UNLESS you dropped your phone in the toilet; or your dog buried your phone, or as my friend did, drop your cell phone in cake batter. So here are some of the provisions of the policy that you might find interesting:
– Covered Property includes not only the phone but also the battery, cigarette light adapter; leather case; home charge and one standard “earbud” The policy I had included a .00 deductible but claim could be made for one or all of the items listed above for a single claim.
– Coverage Territory is worldwide although claims have to be made in the United States
– Covered Causes of Loss includes the risks of being lost, stolen or directly damaged unless they excluded it later in the policy.
– Exclusions are typical but one that you need to be aware of is the Electrical and Mechanical Breakdown exclusion if loss is caused by battery power or any artificially generated electrical current. So frying your phone due to an overload appears not to be covered.
– Limits of Insurance, my form had a 1,000 limit; 50 deductible; and each insured can be paid for 2 losses in any consecutive 12 month time period.

I am a skeptic no more. I’m buying this coverage. So next time your phone company says “do you want the insurance” picture your new pink phone in the spin cycle and just say YES.

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