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Halloween Safety With COVID In Mind

As the month of October approaches as families prepare for Halloween, parents are left wondering what Halloween will be like in 2021, given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Kids and adults are looking forward to dressing up and going out to trick or treat in the neighborhood.  With a little bit of planning you can ensure […]


Fall Home Safety Tips

  As we move into a new season, it is important to remember to get your home prepared for the fall.  While most people do not have to deal with crazy winters, we do need to be prepared for high wind and some level of rainfall. Keep all vegetation clear from around your home to […]

Remote Workers And Cyber Security Risks

There are more remote workers in American today than at any time in our recent history. Many employers are embracing this trend, but there are new risks to consider. As a result of this distant work environment, a crucial problem arises in new security threats. In our digital age, businesses have had to improve their […]

A Checklist For Severe Weather Claims

An Insurance Update As a business owner or homeowner, managing your risk is critical to keeping your business going and your family safe. It is important to have an insurance program that is designed that addresses your needs and risks. While insurance covers many kinds of loss, preventing loss can be better. You’re aware that […]

How To Drive In Rain And Other Winter Weather

An Auto Insurance Update Winter can be a very dangerous time of the year.  If you plan to travel during the winter, it pays to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Driving, including having Winter Car Supplies. We have access to very competitive auto insurance rates. We offer great service at affordable prices. We want to help you get […]

How to Get the Most out of Your Homeowner’s Insurance

A Homeowner’s Insurance Update Most people only think about their homeowner’s insurance once a year when the policy renews, or if they have a claim. But your life changes almost every day, and you need an insurance program that can change with you. Here are a few things to think about when purchasing homeowner’s insurance. […]

Trick Or Treat… Are You Covered

A Homeowners Insurance Update Your homeowner’s insurance covers many different kinds of risks including vandalism caused by trick-or-treaters.  Now maybe a good time to have a free home insurance review. In the next few days, we will be watching children scramble from house to house in search of the elusive Halloween treat.  However, keeping our […]

Do Business Owners Care About Insurance?

A Commercial Insurance Update Let us face the truth; most business owners do not have a fondness for insurance— until they need it.  Business owners have many priorities, and business insurance sometimes takes a backseat to other concerns.  One reason for business owner’s lack of enthusiasm may be how many agents sell insurance.  Most people […]

Personal Umbrella Insurance – A Wise Choice

The modern world is filled with risks. From car accidents to slip and fall incidents in the home, the possibility of being sued is a real possibility every person needs to take into account. Nearly everyone accounts for this risk by buying insurance. Personal umbrella insurance takes this concept to a new level. Insurance is […]

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